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Apostille and Attestation services in the United Arab Emirates We offer Apostille legalization services for official papers so that they can be legally recognized…

We offer Apostille services for official papers so that they can be legally recognised in the UAE or elsewhere in the UAE. Apostilles certify the seals and marks of authorities on open archives, such as birth certificates, court orders, or any other record provided by an open position, so that reports can be rearranged as a legitimate duplicate by all nations that sign the Hague Convention. Furthermore, 104 countries are members of the Hague Convention.

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What are the benefits of Apostille?

The report that has been apostilled in one part of the world is valid in all of the other parts of the world, which total 100 countries as of 2018. The signatories to the aforesaid Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, have simplified the apostille verification process by eliminating the need to have records independently certified in each country.

Why is Amazon the greatest place to get an Apostille?

The Amazon authentication is presenting with a wonderful experience, which we have earned over the years in the verification/apostille administration business, allowing us to quickly rearrange any record apostille technique. In each of the 100 countries, we have coordinated partners. As a result, you’ve arrived at the best location. We’ll take care of  the apostille requirements.

Document attestation & apostille
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage proof
  • Divorce certificate
  • Police Clearance certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Diploma certificate
  • Power of Attorney
  • All other certificates
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Apostille Services
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