Canada Certificate Attestation 

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Canada Certificate attestation: Amazon portal can help you to get your Canadian documents attested for UAE.


There are two technique to verify a testament First strategy is validation and second one is Apostille. Be that as it may, Apostille isn't accessible for Canada testament since Canada isn't the individual from Hague Convention. Archives gave in Canada must be verified in UAE  MOFA in request to acknowledge by UAE authorities. 


Amazon entryway validation is providing attestation service globally to live up to our huge client desires. In Canada we have our vital colleague to perform required authentication process for Canada declaration. We are profoundly dedicated on time conveyance of attestation administration. 


IATA [international Air transportation Association] is a position that may required to bear witness to a Canadian endorsement so as to approve outside the Canada even the course is taken outside Canada must of the time IATA archives check is required. to find out about confirmation click Here 


To get Canada certificate confirmation in instructive certificate requires one extra report. Subtleties are referenced beneath.


  1. Certificate attestation for Canadian Master’s Degree.

  2. Canadian Bachelor’s Degree Certificate Attestation.

  3. Canadian Ph.D. Certificate Attestation for UAE.

Attestation of above-mentioned Canada certificate required fresh transcript that issued from university and which should be authenticated by issued university or college. And then its should be directly sent to UAE embassy. This Canada certificate shall be sending directly from university or college to embassy by a sealed and stamped envelope.

As per the official process, UAE Embassy shall not accept the degree certificates without completing verification of transcript.

Procedure for Canadian Degree Certificate Attestation:

  • Signature by Notary Public in Canada.

  • Authentication by the Global Affairs in Canada.

  • Legalization by the UAE Embassy or Mission.

  • Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. [MOFA Attestation]

Educational and Personal Documents Attestation for Canada Documents

  • Canadian Death Certificate Attestation.

  • Canadian Police Clearance Attestation.

  • Canadian Legal Heirship Certificate Attestation.

  • Canadian Provisional Marks Sheet Attestation

  • Canadian Birth Certificate Attestation.

  • Canadian Experience Certificate Attestation.

  • Canadian Board Certificate Attestation.

  • Canadian Transfer Certificate Attestation.

  • Canadian Medical Certificate Attestation.

  • Canadian Divorce Certificate Attestation.

  • Canadian Certificate of Origin Attestation.

  • Canadian Diploma Certificates Attestation 

  • Canadian Marriage Certificate Attestation

Canadian Corporate Documents Legalization:

  • Canadian Commercial Invoices Attestation.

  • Canadian Power of Attorney Attestation.

  • Canadian Agency Agreements Attestation.

  • Canadian Company Documents Attestation.

Services we offer for Canada Attestation

  • Regular

  • Express

  • Super Express

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