Certified True Copy

A Certified True Copy Confirmed True Copy Attestation A Confirmed True Copy is a copy of a record that has been examined and marked as a genuine duplicate of the original by someone who is legally entitled to take affirmations. This person can be a Court representative, an expert, or a legal official in the open.

Notary Public Attestation

Confirmed true duplicates have some similarities to an authenticated duplicate, which is a structure used in some countries, and particularly in several states in the United States. A notary open signs a legally permitted duplicate.

An authenticated duplicate of a critical document that will be used globally may be used instead of an affirmed duplicate. Obtaining an authenticated duplicate could be more expensive. A copy of a record that will be used internationally may also need to comply with certain requirements.

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An additional declaration is usually required if the essential report needs to be decoded. A Russian marriage certificate, for example, is to be used in an English-speaking country. Normally, the record must be effectively deciphered, with an expert’s declaration of exactness attached to the interpretation, as well as a copy of the key report.

The main report, interpretation, and endorsement of exactness are all photocopied as a guaranteed duplicate at this point. Because an English-language marriage declaration will be used in Russia, it is possible that a legally recognized duplicate will be necessary.

certified true copy
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