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Experience certificate attestation or employment certificate Legalization is quite important to get a good professional job in Dubai or any other country.

The importance of experience certificate attestation is to justify and authenticate the information mentioned in the certificate is true and issued by a real organization. Experience certificate narrates the details of employment such as the duration of the job profile, achievements and more details of his employment. This employment certificate will be issued in a company letter pad with authorized signature and stamp of the company.

Any experience certificate issued by a company needs to prove the authenticity of the certificate in order to accept by HR of the company. Thus, an experience certificate needs to be attested to as any other document legalization. Attestation procedure of experience certificate is step by step process. In order to accept in UAE, it must have MOFA stamp. Getting MOFA attestation in certificate required some other attestation from home country which was issued the certificate.

Amazon attestation is highly dedicated to providing attestation services for any documents issued from any 100 countries that we work globally. To know in detail kindly contact us.

Procedure for Experience certificate attestation

  • First original certificate needs to do Notarization from home country

  • Second attestation from MEA

  • Third attestation from MOFA in home country

  • Fourth: UAE embassy attestation from Home country

  • Final: attestation from MOFA in UAE

This above-mentioned procedure is in general, it can be very country to country

The Maine purpose of Experience certificate legalization.

  • To go after government position in UAE. 

  • To go after a position in a particular expert segment. Like medicinal 

  • Movement reason. 

  • To benefit some bank offices. 

  • To meet inner necessities of organization 


The above notice reasons for existing are given dependent on our customer prerequisites. There are numerous different reasons as well. To know more subtleties quickly, you can converse with our specialist. 


Required reports for experience letter verification are: 

  • Unique Letter of understanding 

  • Visa duplicate and ID verification 

  • 1 Photographs.