Attorney-in-Fact UAE Attestation Services- A power of attorney is a legal document that gives one person the authority to act on behalf of another person to carry out personal or corporate functions. Personal Power of Attorney and Company Power of Attorney are the two types of POA based on this. The concerned Power of Attorney (POA) must be duly attested for this document to be considered legitimate. We provide complete support for Powers of Attorney issued all over the world.

A power of attorney is a document that authorizes someone else to follow up on your absence and handle your projects when you are actually unavailable to do so. In the United Arab Emirates, the authentication and legalization of a power of attorney is required for a variety of personal and corporate reasons. Dubai must provide the lawyer’s intensity.

Court: If it is delivered from outside the UAE, certification of the severity of the lawyer is required to legitimately acknowledge in the UAE.

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How to get Power of Attorney bore witness to?

We specialize in document confirmation services in the UAE, and our extensive experience with various types of archive validations allows us to receive any endorsement Attestation in a short amount of time from anywhere on the earth. We are currently working on a 100-nation project.

Power of Attorney or Court agreement attestation procedures
  • You shall need to type and sign power of attorney in a specific from.
  • Notarization of Power of Attorney in Home country
  • Ministry of Foreign affairs Stamp (Rome Country)
  • UAE Embassy or UAE consulate Stamp from Home country
  • Stamp by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs MOFA
  • Arabic legal translation in order to use in any Dubai Court.
  • Stamp by the UAE Ministry of Justice in Arabic legal translation
Documents Required for POA
  • Original Power of Attorney

  • Proof of residence (Emirates ID and visa)

  • List of partners name and Passport copies

By using our administrations, you will be able to get quick responses for all types of government exchanges, including composing intensity of lawyer and sanctioning procedure. Endorsement verification necessitated extraordinary caution in order to preserve your safety and to return to you safely once validation was completed. In this instance, it is always preferable to have a clear picture of who you are entrusting your unique archives to. We guarantee the safety and security of your declaration 100 percent, and we back up our claims with long-term encounters.

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