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Which documents require true copy attestation. Get to know?

True Copy Attestation in UAE

The documents that are most commonly required to be certified as true copies by lawyers in the UAE include (without limitation) the following papers are frequently required to be certified as true copies by lawyers in the UAE:

  • Passports
  • Utility bills
  • Emirates IDS
  • Driving licenses
  • Bank statements
  • Birth certificates

Transactions that require certified true copies in Dubai, Ajman and other United Arab Emirates typically include obtaining a second citizenship, opening a bank account, filing tax returns, buying and selling real estate or admission to different educational institutions. A certified copy of the passport is the most requested document by government agencies and third parties outside of the UAE to determine the exact identity of the person presenting the document.

Original or certified true copy of a document in the United Arab Emirates is a copy of the original document issued by an attorney. Original documents are assigned to the copy attorney and the attorney examining the original document, when satisfied with the authenticity of the original document, stamps the copy to demonstrate that the copy is a true copy and accuracy of the original document.

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The attorney also signs and dates the document to confirm the date of the certificate. The seal usually includes the attorney’s name, the name of the law firm for which the attorney works, and the contact details of the attorney to whom the relevant third party to whom the document is presented may contact the attorney to verify received evidence.
As a result, the original of the document is kept by the owner and a certified copy will be presented to anyone who requests it. The certified copy is then considered as good as the original by the third party that relied on it.

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