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ajman mofa attestation

Ajman MOFA Attestation

A MOFA Attestation is the last step in the process of verifying an endorsement or archive by using the stamp and seal of an approved individual in the Ministry of Remote Inquest Service of Foreign Affairs. In the United Arab Emirates, a body is needed to check a testament. Furthermore, after the MOFA seal is stapled in your en car serving that declaration, it is the rapid check technique to be done in a testament. MOFA attestation in Ajman – Documents Ajman Attestation for Degrees, Diplomas, Marriages, Birth Certificates, and Commercial Documents. Call 067403110 for further information & obtain a Ministry of Foreign Affairs certification. We deal internationally with 100 countries and 100+ languages, therefore call us at +971545820983 to get your declaration certified by the MOFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE Embassy.

What certificates in Ajman, UAE, require MOFA attestation?

  • Matriculation, HSC, Diploma, Degree, graduate degree, Ph.D., and other educational certificates and so on.

  • Technical diplomas, computer diplomas, HVAC, fire and safety, and lift certifications are all examples of private diplomas.

  • Technicians – MOUs, invoices, registration reports, and partnership deeds are examples of business documents.

  • Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, and Certificate of Incumbency

  • Register of Business. Trade licenses, Powers of Attorney, and other similar documents are available

  • Documents that are not instructive: Certificates of Birth PCC marriage certificates, PCC registrations, PCC registrations, PCC registrations, PCC registrations, Divorce, TC Fingerprints, and so on

How do I get my credential apostilled in the United Arab Emirates?

To secure UAE embassy attestation before MOFA Attestation, you’ll need endorsement from a variety of countries. You will have the choice to check your testament in service of distant undertakings in UAE once you have completed the confirmations from the country of issue.


Why is Amazon the greatest attestation service provider?

Since its inception, MOFAUAE has been connected with MOFA verification in the United Arab Emirates. The safe handling of animals is a mark of our administrations.

MOFAUAE provides embassy attestation services all around the world. Our knowledgeable officials will handle your validation requirements in a variety of ways. Nations and divisions our customers are from United States, Canada, Australia, India, The United Kingdom, Pakistan and Philippines. We work with 110 countries to help our customers gain legitimacy.


Contact us for mofa attestation office 

Shop No: 02, 46 Kuwalt building, Sheikh Jaber Al Saban Street, Al Nuaimia-2, Ajman, UAE

+971-674-03110 /+971545820983

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