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A Certified True Copy Confirmed True Copy Attestation A Confirmed True Copy is a copy of a record that has been examined and marked as a genuine duplicate of the original by someone who is legally entitled to take affirmations.

Certified True Copy Attestation in The UAE

Certified True Copy attestation is a legal process in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that requires documents to be verified and authenticated by a lawyer. It is an important step in the process of registering and validating documents for various legal purposes. Amazon Attestation Services provides reliable, secure, and cost-effective Certified True Copy attestation services in UAE. Our team of experienced lawyers can help you with the entire process from start to finish ensuring that your documents are legally compliant and accepted by all relevant authorities.

Certified True Copy in the UAE

A licensed genuine reproduction represents an accurate duplicate attestation that validates a faithful replica. This duplicate has undergone examination and has been marked as a true replica of the original document by an individual with legal authority to provide affirmations. This person may be a court representative, an expert, or a recognized legal professional. Our team of lawyers, regulated by the Law Society of the world and Wales and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, offers affordable services. We Amazon attestation, ensuring prompt delivery and guaranteed assistance for your certified true copy

Notarized Reproduction Attestation

An officially recognized duplicate bears some similarities to an authenticated reproduction, a format commonly used in several countries, particularly in certain states within the United States or the United Kingdom. A notary public signs a legally authorized duplicate. Instead of an affirmed copy, an authenticated reproduction of a vital document that can be used internationally may be obtained. However, obtaining an authenticated reproduction might be more expensive, and it may need to meet specific requirements.

Translated Certified True Copy

In cases where the original document needs to be translated, an additional statement is typically required. For instance, if a Russian marriage certificate is to be used in an English-speaking country, the document should undergo accurate translation by a professional, accompanied by a statement of accuracy and a copy of the original document. At this stage, the primary document, translation, and endorsement of accuracy are all photocopied as certified duplicates. As an English-language marriage statement may be utilized in Russia, a legally recognized duplicate could potentially serve the purpose.

Global Reach

Our team of lawyers, regulated by the Law Society of the World and Wales and the Regulation Authority, has brought affordable legal services and introduced innovative changes to the UAE's legal landscape, promoting the adoption of best business practices among entrepreneurs and companies. This has resulted in rapid growth for our firm. In 2021, we received international recognition, winning awards for Best Corporate Law Firm, Best Customer Care Firm in the UAE, and Changemakers.

Get a certified true copy

With Amazon Attestation and Document Clearing in DUBAI-UAE and Amazon Attestation Business Services Center in Ajman-UAE. Our clientele includes start-ups and multinationals, both local and foreign, from countries such as France, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, USA, UAE, Brazil, India, Mauritius, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Pakistan, the Philippines, France, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Japan, Poland, Ukraine, and many more, totaling a hundred countries.


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