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Spain attestation UAE

Spain attestation UAE all educational, professional & business documents emanating from Spain to be attested by the Spain Embassy/consulate attestation in UAE; If you need to have your educational, professional, or business documents from Spain attested for use in the UAE, you'll need to go through the Spain Embassy/consulate attestation process in the UAE. This involves verifying the authenticity of your documents and ensuring they meet the requirements for use in the UAE. Learn more about the process and what you need to do to get your documents attested. 

Spain attestation UAE

Spain attestation UAE – UAE requires all educational, professional & business documents emanating from Spain to be attested by the Spain of, Embassy, or consulate attestation then UAE Mofa attestation. amazon attestation best attestation service in UAE & fast Spanish document Attestation services in Dubai. amazon Attestation provided a fast & reliable certificate apostille service in Dubai, UAE, We authorized documents apostille service for Spain.

Spain Embassy & Consulate attestation in UAE

UAE requires all educational/Personal certificates, professional or academic, issued from Spain to be attested by the Spain Embassy/Consulate in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in UAE. Amazon attestation services in UAE. provide attestation services to Spain and Foreigners.

your Documents issued in Spain are originally in Spanish and need to be used in the UAE, apostille will not be accepted. The original certificates need to be verified by the Spanish Ministry of Justice, and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for background verification, then the certificate will be attested at the UAE Embassy in Madrid. Finally, it will be legalized by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Spain Attestation Services

steps for Spain certificate attestation in UAE

1. Notary Public
2. Department of Foreign Affairs
3. UAE Embassy Attestation in Spain
4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE
The attestation procedure and period vary from time to time relying upon the principles as assigned in Spain.
UAE requires all educational/Personal certificates,

Spain Attestation Services

Spain certificate attestation in UAE is a process that allows a Spain citizen to use their Spain-issued document in foreign countries. The most common documents attested are Spain degree certificates, non-educational certificates like (marriage, birth, and death certificates), diploma certificates, affidavits, etc. Attestation allows a Spain document to be used in other foreign countries or a foreign document attested in the document’s home country to be used in Spain.


Spain attestation may be a process that permits a Spain-issued certificate to be utilized abroad. The foremost common certificates attested are Spain-issued education certificates like degree certificates, diploma certificates, etc., certificates of civil status (like marriage, birth, and death certificates), and commercial documents. Amazon attestation helps to provide reliable fast and secured services to the customers on Spain attestation in UAE.

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