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Sharjah Family Visa

Sharjah Family visa: New visas, renewals, and cancellations In Sharjah, how you can apply for a family visa? Your family visa will be handled by amazon attestation and documents clearing (mofauae) from start to finish. Family Visa Entry Permit Residence (Wife/Children/partner/investor/Parents & Maid visas) - Sharjah. How can I apply for a family visa in Sharjah? Required Documents:

Sharjah Family Visa

In Sharjah, how you can apply for a family visa?

Documents Required:

  • Application for a prepaid e-form (available at Typing Centre)

  • Copies of wife’s and children’s passports

  • One snapshot of each sponsored person (white backdrop).

  • Copy of the sponsor’s passport and Emirates ID

  • Attested marriage certificate with legal translation in Arabic from the UAE Embassy in your home country and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Attested child’s birth certificate (attestation from UAE Embassy in home country and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and legal translation in Arabic.

  • SEWA bill and tenancy contract (accommodation rental agreement). If the applicant lives in Dubai, it must be attested by a Sharjah Municipality EJARI certified tenancy contract.

  • Employment contract/salary certificate, with a salary of at least Dh4000 and accommodation of at least Dh3000.

  • Letter of confirmation in Arabic for a daughter over the age of 18 saying that she is still unmarried. On the letter, the parent (sponsor) must sign.

If the sponsor is an investor or a partner, the following documents are required:

  • A copy of the trade license

  • LLC Contract

  • Copy of the Investor Visa Guarantee Deposit Receipt

  • Copy of the MOA (Memorandum of Association copy)

How does Amazon attestation & document clearance help you get a Sharjah family visa?


We give complete support in acquiring a Sharjah family visa for foreign investors, their families, and their dependents to begin their lives in the country. Our energetic team will lead you through the entire visa filing procedure, from start to finish, including medical fitness, typing centers, application forms, document collection, and other time-saving services. We make certain that your visa requirements are handled fast and effectively! We assist you at every step of the process of acquiring a family visa and ensure that any visa-related concerns are resolved in accordance with UAE legislation. Contact Amazon Documents Clearing for excellent service in Sharjah residence visa.

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