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French attestation in UAE

Need to attest your French documents for the UAE? Any document issued in French must be attested first by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs & UAE embassy; Going on United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Before you begin your journey, you must understand French attestation rules and regulations. Find out precisely what documents you must present, how long the process takes, and more.UAE attestation is the authentication of documents, such as certificates and degrees, for use in the UAE. It requires that the relevant government office verifies the authenticity and validity of the documents. Once attested, these documents will be recognized by authorities in the UAE, helping you complete procedures like processing visa applications. Contact us for more info +97143300011/+971545820984

French attestation in UAE

What Is the Attestation Process for a French Document?

The attestation process for French documents is relatively straightforward. First, you need to have your documents certified by a recognized authority in France, like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. Once that’s done, you can reach out to either the UAE Embassy in Paris or the French Consulate in Dubai, and the final attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE will authenticate the documents. Of course, you will also have to submit all fees associated with the authentication process before it can take place.

French attestation service in the UAE

Amazon attestation services and to ease the process: 

  • Reliable collection and delivery of Documents.

  •  Payment options

  •  updates on the status will be provided via email & WhatsApp

  • An end-end process of attestation will be taken care


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