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Family Visa Services

 We offers affordable and fast visa services in the UAE for all types of family, employment, investor and visit visa. call us: +971565454043

Family Vacation

Family Visa Services

Apply for a family visa in the United Arab Emirates Visa Services for Families (Wife, Children, Parents & Maid visas) Entry Permit, Visa Renewal, and Cancellation for Expatriate’s Family. Family Visa Services are for expatriates who want to bring their immediate family members, such as wives and children, to the UAE. To sponsor dependent visas, several steps must be followed in accordance with UAE government rules and regulations. Each type of visa will have its own set of requirements and fees structures.

Documents Needed To Apply For A Family Residency Visa

When visiting any of the recognized typing centers in the UAE, make sure to have all original documentation with you. If any original documents are not available for verification, applications will be refused. Documents are a type of data.

  • Make sure all original documents are available before they are checked and scanned into the system.

  • Copies of family members’ passports in colour (Wife & Children)

  • Photograph of passport size Each family member has a WHITE backdrop. (Always keep roughly 15 copies on hand.) You Never say never!)

  • Original Passport of the Sponsor.

  • Original Emirates ID Card as a sponsor.

  • Original Attested Marriage Certificates from the Issuing Authority, the UAE Embassy in the Sponsor’s country, and from the Sponsor’s nation

  • For attestation, go to the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Many processing centers, such as Amazon attestation , can attest the original marriage certificate.

  • Original Attested Birth Certificate from Issuing Authority, Sponsor’s Country’s UAE Embassy, and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The certificate can be attested by Amazon attestation and others.

  • Original EJARI Certificate, as well as the most recent electric bill. (If the sponsor lives outside of Dubai, he will need an attested tenancy contract as well as payment of the power bill.) EJARI or tenancy should be on the name of the applicant or spouse.)

  • Original MOL Contract with a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 AED+ Housing is necessary. (The original MOL Contract can be printed at any TASHEEL Center for a fee of AED 53.) There is no need for attestation.

  • For printing the MOL Contract, you’ll need a copy of your passport. They will print the contract for you if you supply the contract number.)

  • A Semi-Government or Free Zone Employees Original Salary Certificate is required for government employees.

  • The sponsor’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

  • Bank Account Statement from the previous three months, including original stamp and signature.

  • A confirmation letter in Arabic declaring that she is unmarried is required for girls over the age of 18.

Jordan Attestation In UAE

How It Works & How We Do It

Steps involved in family visa processing:

  • Birth & Marriage Attestation 

  •  Marriage & Birth Translation

  • File opening

  • Entry permit visa application

  • Change status

  • Medical application

  • Emirates ID Application

  • Health insurance

  • Visa stamping application

  • Visa stamping

  • pro services 

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