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Degree Attestation

The Degree Attestation in the UAE is a mandatory process for getting a UAE visa to apply for a job, employment/work visa in UAE or get a family residency from the embassy /Mofa  Certificate will be attested from the concerned Ministries/Departments of the certificate origin country, UAE Embassy/ mofa attestation in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

Degree Attestation in UAE

We, the authentication administrators of amazon attestation are experts in the field of record Authorisation and validation. We can expertly assist you in having your degree declaration confirmed in a timely and suitable manner. Is a requirement for obtaining a business or employment visa in the United Arab Emirates or other Gulf countries. Expats must justify their instructional statement regardless of their country of citizenship. Only certified testaments will be accepted when applying for a work visa in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia. During this process, your file will be sent to several government departments and authorities. In your declaration, there could be three to five stamps.

Degree Attestation Procedure 

  • HRD authentication

  • MEA authentication

  • Home division Foreign affairs

  • UAE Embassy attestation

  • MOFA Attestation.

We endow validation methodology and organizations for the degree  like College degree, Temporary Certificates, Confirmation Certificate, Nursing Certificate, SSLC certificate, HSC Certificate, MBBS Certificate, Building Certificate, Drug store Certificate, MD Certificate, Dental specialists Certificate, Ph.D., Building Certificate, Medicinal Degree Certificate, The executive’s degree endorsement, Law degree authentication, Specialized degree authentication, PG Certificate, BE Certificate, all other instructive endorsements can be sanctioned.


What is degree certificate attestation?

  • The process of approving a degree testimony by genuine stamps and seals from various divisions to verify the declaration’s validity is known as degree certificate verification. To avoid any difficulties that may arise during your time in Dubai for your degree confirmation, it is prudent to take advantage of our services.

  • How to get a degree certificate attestation?

  • Degree underwriting approval requires to be affirmed structure confirmation given the country, by the higher guidance division of the state, Ministry, and by the office/global place of refuge in that country. We at Amazon, submitted towards our vision of ensuring complete customer faithfulness with on-time transport and standard of organizations publicized.

  • We handle from beginning to end Certificate approval for UAE and other 150+countries. With us, you can sit down & complete your approval in the clearest way possible!

  • Why Degree certificate attestation is important?

  • As previously stated, attestation is required in order for a document to be recognised as a properly respected archive in other countries. Otherwise, it will not be considered a unique report. Attestation of a certificate may be required for the following reasons.

  • To get propelled instruction in an outside nation

  • Businesses purposes in abroad

  • For movement purposes.

  • To get Employment visas

  • Proficient practice like doctor, etc.

  • What is the procedure for obtaining an attestation of a degree certificate?

  • Authentication in one’s own country (Notary Public)

  • Remote issue service in the home country (MOFA – Home Country)

  • Attestation by the UAE Embassy in your home country

  • Confirmation of the MOFA in the destination country.

  • Legal Translation

  • The Authenticity of a degree certificate will be improved by using this way of validation. A degree declaration is a document that certifies that an understudy has successfully completed a graduating course. An instructional authentication provided by the school or school or college comprises all data relevant to graduation, such as assessments, course, year of study, year of drop, name of the school, School, college, and so on. Endorsement legitimization is a certification process that ensures the document is legitimate and trustworthy.  To get our service make a copy of the certificates and send it. Our professionals will respond to all of your questions and obtain a quote that includes a cost estimate. Enlist the help of a collecting service. Please send in your supporting documentation.


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