Educational Certificate Attestation

Attestation of educational degree certificates for the UAE is a time-consuming and difficult yet necessary process. Those who have no prior knowledge of the degree certificate attestation process will confront numerous additional challenges. It is required for people seeking to move to the UAE to study or work to have their school credentials confirmed by the country’s local embassy. Apart from the fact that it is required, there are other reasons why you should go through the educational certificate attestation process. Please take a look at the list below.

Every educational declaration must be verified in UAS before your visa endorsement can be approved. This should ordinarily refer to the UAE’s first and most important class of certificate validation. The instructional testament is also known as a scholastic record, and it is commonly employed to ensure the competitor’s instructive subtleties. This proof is used by each country to determine the applicant’s educational competence. This verification is mostly used in the application process for international expert visas.


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Academic certifications attestation in the UAE may assist UAE specialists in comprehending an up and cover’s abilities, knowledge, and capability. Validation of instructional testaments is important documentation in the instructive sector all over the world. You can get confirmation of your instructive testimony from the international haven or department of the planned objective nation.

The process of getting an education certificate attestation in Dubai

  • Certificates issued from UAE based institutes
  • The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation provides attestation
  • Services for certificates issued from UAE-based institutes for locals as well as ex-pats.
  • MOFAUAE Attestation services located all over UAE offer these services to residents.
  • Besides educational documents, one can get their medical, marriage, divorce, contract,
  • And power of attorney documents attested.
  • What is important is that you read up on the procedure and understand exactly which
  • Documents that you need to have for the application. For securing employment
  • Visa/labor Card in the UAE for the majority of the designations
Educational Certificate attestation in UAE

Note: The attestation process may vary based on the country.

All of the process listed above should use confirmation technique, but there may be some variations depending on each country’s verification protocols.

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