Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE Everything you needs to know

Marriage Certificate Attestation

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Marriage certificate attestation in UAE: Are you wondering how to get embassy attestations? Why legalization is important? and How much it cost? This article have all the answers

A Marriage certificate is a legal evidence that two people are married. its recorded and issued by a government or public departments or either by church, mosque or temple. And it proves that the couple’s name, place of the marriage ceremony, time of the marriage and other details mentioned in the Marriage certificate.

What is Attestation of the marriage certificate?

Marriage authentication attestation in UAE: Are you considering how to get government office confirmations? Why authorizing is huge? in addition, How much it cost? This article have all of the fitting reactions 


A Marriage revelation is an authentic verification that two people are hitched. its recorded and gave by an assembly or open divisions or either by house of prayer, mosque or asylum. Moreover, it exhibits that the couple's name, spot of the wedding administration, time of the marriage and various nuances referenced in the Marriage verification.

How can I get Marriage document legalization in UAE?

With our long periods of involvement with dealing with and dealing with all sort of consulate confirmation in around the world, we can speed up the any declaration validation and guide you through the whole procedure and cost included so you can carry your mate to live with you. What's more, you can get confirmation in your any declarations by choosing our authentication administrations. Thinking about what is method and procedure included in documents confirmation?

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Certificate Attestation process for UAE

  • First Attestation from the Home office (Home nation of the endorsement gave). 

  • Service of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of External Affairs verification from the nation of origin. 

  • Confirmation and Legalization in the UAE Embassy or UAE Consulate in home nation. 

  • Finally, Ministry of Foreign Affairs verification in UAE.

Required docs for certificate attestation
  • Original Certificate

  • Passport copy

  • Visa Copy

  • 2 Photographs

  • Authorisation letter

Why Marriage Certificate Attestation is important in Dubai?

Authorization is fundamental for any endorsement or report so as to make it satisfactory and esteemed as an authoritative archive in UAE. Thus, with regards to marriage 


On the off chance that couples are not lawfully hitched it is illicit for a couple to live respectively in UAE according to the low. Consequently, it authentication become fundamental for you to give lawful confirmation of your marriage before you'll be permitted to remain together. Also, For any situation of name changes on identifications, visas, and some other type of ID, you are required to present a verified marriage declaration as proof of your marriage. 


You might need to apply inhabitant visa for your life partner, at that point its obligatory to have verified marriage testament to apply family home visa in UAE migration. your marriage authentication ought to be validated from UAE international safe haven in your nation. For that you should Verify your authentication in nation of Issuance.

What are the requirements of Legalized Marriage Certificate in UAE?
  • To apply living arrangement visa for life partner in UAE. 

  • To support kids, visa in UAE. 

  • To include your life partner in medical coverage. 

  • For medicinal tests identified with pregnancy or conveyance in emergency clinic. 

  • To apply visa for kids. 

  • To purchase land or any property together with life partner. 

  • To apply for separate in court. 

  • Name changes in the identification 

  • to embrace a youngster. For Expats, 

  • For school confirmation of your child to the schools.

Usual time period for Certificate attestation services
  • In more often than not, it requires 3-5 working days to get validation on testament. We put our high endeavors to improve the procedure and assist you with getting verification on fast time. 

  • MOFA Attestation administration we offer inside a day in UAE service of outside issues. Furthermore, handling time depends the productivity different divisions in various nations. Divisions, for example, HRD, Home offices, consulate and service of outside issues.

What is the cost estimate?
  • There are numerous components for cost estimation of endorsement confirmation, for example, nation of issuance, good ways from UAE, Urgent verification administration or ordinary. Consulate confirmation expenses in every nation.

Amazon Certificate Attestation Services

  • Amazon Attestation Services are directed and oversaw by Highly proficient. We offer extreme answer for a wide range of declaration attestation  all around. Our all around experienced experts will deal with your declaration authentication in different nations according to the requirements. We will make validation of your testament peaceful, quick and you could spare your time. 


  • We have ordinary, express and excessively express confirmation administrations for validating marriage authentications, contingent upon the nation to nation. To choose our administrations that rely on your necessary time allotment, you could converse with our authentication specialists through a call, WhatsApp, email or any of the beneath referenced contact inclinations.

Our Premium Marriage Certificate legalization Services:
  • Indian Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE 

  • UK Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

  • USA  Certificate Attestation for UAE

  • Australia Certificate Attestation for UAE

  • Canada, England, Russia, British etc.

Aside from previously mentioned significant nations, you can get verification for different nations as well and for any authentication. We work internationally for consulate confirmation. Amazon entry is one of the main Attestation specialist co-op in UAE.

Advantage Amazon Certificate Attestation Services

  • Free counseling on careful system of testament verification in 86 or more nations. 

  • Free Estimation on Processing time for authentication validation 

  • Free Cost estimation 

  • Free pickup and Delivery 

  • Your testament will be taken care of by very much experienced proficient with all consideration 

  • Email and WhatsApp notice on Status

How should I proceed further?
  • Contact our customer service team

  • sand a copy of the certificates.

  • Get all your queries answered by our professionals.

  • Get a Quote with cost estimation and Time frame

  • opt for a collection method

  • Submit your supporting documents

  • Documents delivered as per your requirements