Pakistan Certificate Attestation

Almost all documents must be authenticated by Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which can be done at any time from MOFA, Islamabad, as well as its camp offices in it’s province Karachi, UAE Embassy Attestation/ MOFA Attestation in Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta.

Obtain an attest from the appropriate department. Update your attestation status on a regular basis, and then get it locally confirmed by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The documents will then be safely returned to you. We offer free pick-up and delivery throughout the UAE.


pakistan certificate attestation

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Pakistani Attestation Procedure

Attestation of certificates for under graduation, graduation, power of attorney, transcript, Birth certificate, post-graduation, etc. This technique will attest all forms of degree certificates (BA 990, 800MBEx Master Certificate MA, MCOM, MSC, ME, and PhD Certificates).

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