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Certificate Attestation and Legal Translation in Dubai

In the bustling business hub of Dubai, the need for various document processing services, including certificate attestation, legal translation, typing services, MOFA attestation for PCC (Police Clearance Certificate), and embassy attestation, is paramount. Understanding and navigating these processes can be daunting for both individuals and businesses. This blog aims to shed light on these essential services and how Amazon Attestation Services can assist you in streamlining these processes.

Certificate attestation is a critical process for validating the authenticity of documents for use in the UAE and abroad. This process involves verifying documents such as educational certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and more, by authorized departments and foreign embassies.

Key Steps in Certificate Attestation:

  1. Verification from Issuing Authority: The document is first authenticated by the issuing authority in the home country.

  2. Foreign Affairs Attestation: The document is then attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country.

  3. UAE Embassy Attestation: The UAE embassy in the home country attests the document.

  4. MOFA Attestation in UAE: Finally, the document is attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Legal Translation Office

Legal translation is a specialized field that requires accuracy and a deep understanding of legal terminologies. It’s essential for translating documents such as contracts, agreements, legal notices, and court documents. Legal translation is necessary when dealing with documents in languages other than Arabic in the UAE.

Typing Services

Typing services are crucial for accurately preparing official documents, applications, and correspondences in the required formats. This service is particularly important for immigration, visa applications, legal proceedings, and government submissions in Dubai.

MOFA Attestation for PCC

The attestation of Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) by MOFA is a mandatory requirement for employment, study, or residency purposes in the UAE. This attestation confirms that the individual has no criminal history and is required to complete visa and immigration processes.

Embassy Attestation Service in Dubai

Embassy attestation involves the verification of documents by the respective foreign embassies in Dubai. This is essential for the legal recognition of UAE-issued documents in other countries and vice versa.

How Amazon Attestation Services Can Assist

At Amazon Attestation Services, we offer comprehensive solutions for all your document processing needs in Dubai. Our services include:

  • Expert Certificate Attestation: We handle the entire attestation process, ensuring your documents are authenticated correctly for use in the UAE and abroad.

  • Professional Legal Translation: Our team of expert translators ensures accurate and legally compliant translations.

  • Efficient Typing Services: We provide fast and accurate typing services for a variety of official documents.

  • MOFA Attestation for PCC: We streamline the MOFA attestation process for your Police Clearance Certificates.

  • Embassy Attestation Services: Our team liaises with various embassies to facilitate the attestation of your documents.

Contact Us:

For expert assistance with your document attestation and processing needs in Dubai, contact Amazon Attestation Services at +971545820984 or email us at Our team is dedicated to providing you with efficient, reliable, and hassle-free services.


Navigating the processes of certificate attestation, legal translation, typing services, and embassy attestation in Dubai can be complex. With Amazon Attestation Services, you can ensure that all your document processing needs are met with the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency. Contact us today to simplify and expedite your document attestation and related services in Dubai.

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