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Commercial Invoices Attestation by UAE MOFA

Understanding the New Commercial Invoice Attestation Requirements in UAE

The UAE has always been a hub for international trade and business. With recent changes in regulations, understanding the new requirements for commercial invoice attestation is crucial for businesses involved in import activities. As of February 1, 2023, following cabinet resolution number 38 of 2022, it has become mandatory to attest import invoices worth AED 10,000 and above. This blog aims to guide you through this new requirement and how Amazon Attestation Services can assist you in this process.

What is Commercial Invoice Attestation?

Commercial invoice attestation is the process of certifying the authenticity of invoices by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) in the UAE. This attestation is necessary for the legal recognition of the documents related to international trade.

New Regulations for Commercial Invoice Attestation

  • Mandatory Attestation: All import invoices valued at AED 10,000 and above must be attested.

  • Authority: The attestation is carried out by the MOFAIC.

  • Cost: The cost for attesting each commercial invoice is AED 150 to 2060.+Services fee

  • Grace Period: Importers are given a grace period of 14 days post the declaration of goods to comply with the attestation requirement.

  • Penalty for Non-Compliance: Failure to attest within the grace period will result in a penalty of AED 500 per invoice.

How to Get Your Invoice Attested

  1. Visit MOFAIC Website: The first step is to visit the MOFAIC website.

  2. Login and Select Service: Log in and navigate to the Services tab, where you should select the option for commercial invoices attestation.

  3. Submit Information: Fill in the required information and submit your request for approval.

  4. Receive Attested Invoice: Once approved, you will receive the attested invoice, which includes a barcode, from MOFAIC.

Why Choose Amazon Attestation Services?

At Amazon Attestation Services, we specialize in streamlining the attestation process for your convenience:

  • Speed: We offer a 24-hour turnaround for MOFA attestation in Dubai, ensuring prompt service.

  • Convenience: Our team manages all aspects of the attestation process, providing a hassle-free experience for our clients.

  • Expertise: With extensive knowledge of the attestation requirements and process, we guarantee accurate and compliant attestation.

  • Customer Support: Our dedicated team is available to answer your queries and guide you throughout the process.

Getting Started

To begin the MOFA attestation process for your commercial invoices, contact us at our local UAE number, +97143300011, or our hotline at +971545820984. Our expert team at Amazon Attestation Services is ready to provide you with efficient and reliable attestation services.


The new regulation for commercial invoice attestation in the UAE underscores the importance of compliance in international trade. Understanding and adhering to these requirements is crucial for businesses to avoid penalties and ensure smooth operations. With Amazon Attestation Services, you can rest assured that your attestation needs are handled professionally and efficiently. Contact us today to ensure your commercial document attestation meets the UAE’s legal requirements.

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