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How to have your documents attested in BurJuman – Bur Dubai

Updated: Jan 21

Get Documents attested in Burjuman – Bur Dubai

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How to have your documents attested in BurJuman – Bur Dubai
How to have your documents attested in BurJuman – Bur Dubai

Documents attestation in the UAE is in most cases) a mandatory procedure to validate the authenticity of important certificates and documents required for the visa, employment study medical, or any other purposes. All UAE attestation services in the country, for documents issued outside or inside the UAE, are provided by the Amazon attestation service and AL MALOMAT CENTER in Burjuman Bur Dubai (Amazon attestation) better known as the website

Who can apply for documents attestation in the UAE?

Documents attestation services in the UAE are extended to everyone who falls into the following categories.

  • Citizens

  • Residents

  • Companies

  • Investors

  • Students

  • Tourists

Tip #1 documents attested in BurJuman – Bur Dubai

Attest Official Documents, Certificates, and Commercial Invoices Certificate attestation in the UAE extends to a broad category of documents issued within and outside the country. The legalization process, among other things, covers:

  • Birth certificates

  • Divorce contracts

  • Death certificates

  • Educational certificates

  • Marriage certificate

  • Medical certificates

  • Powers of attorney

  • Commercial contracts and invoices

What are the certificates that need to be attested?

  • Instructive certificate -Matriculation, HSc, Diploma, Degree, graduate degree, Ph.D., and so forth.

  • Private diplomas-Technical Diplomas, Computer Diplomas, HVAC, Fire and Safety, Lift Technician, and so forth.

  • Business Documents -MOU, Invoice, Registration reports, Partnership deed, Memorandum of Association, Incorporation Certificate, Incumbency Certificate,

  • Commercial Register, Trade licenses, Power of Attorneys, and so forth

  • Noninstructive documents – Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, PCC. Registrations, TC. Fingerprint, Divorce, and so forth.

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Bur Dubai and burjman attestation service call now +97143300011

How to have your documents attested in BurJuman – Bur Dubai
How to have your documents attested in BurJuman – Bur Dubai

Amazon attestation services center location in Dubai, Ajman UAE and Contact Details: Dubai office: 043300011 Ajman office:067403110· Email: 24×7 Free pickup & Delivery for certificate attestation Service in UAE.

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