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How to Verify Dubai Attestation Is Original Or Fake

Are you unsure if the Dubai attestation documents you received are genuine? Here's a simple guide on how to tell the difference between original and fake attestation papers. Trying to decide if a document you received from Dubai is an original or a fake can be tricky. Luckily, it doesn't have to be. With this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of how to check if a UAE attestation paper is genuine or not.

Check for a Government Seal.

The most reliable way to determine if your Dubai attestation is real or not is by checking for the presence of an official seal or stamp. This should be sealed onto the document, and must include the full name of the government agency that issued it. If a seal or stamp is where it should be, then you can rest assured that your documents are authentic.

Ensure Legalization Procedures Are Met.

Every attestation paper must adhere to certain legalization procedures in order to be officially accepted and recognized. For example, each document must include the signature of an authorized official from the issuing agency, along with their contact information and department. Make sure all these steps are fulfilled when validating attestation documents.

Look for Embassies and Notarization Certification Verification in UAE

To ensure the validity of attestation documents, it is important to research embassies and notarized certificates in the uae. On reputable websites, such as the Dubai government website, you will find a list of all authorized organizations and agents in Dubai that provide attestation services. Cross-reference these entities with the signatures on your documents to make sure that it is indeed from a legitimate source.

Know the Different Types of Attestation and Their Languages Used for Signatures.

Dubai attestation typically requires two different types of signatures, either Arabic or English. When looking at your documents, make sure that all signatures are in the same language. If there is a mismatch between languages, it is more than likely that the documents are fake. Additionally, some UAE governments also require additional elements such as stamps and/or embossment on their documents which must match the language of the signatures used.

Use Verified Services to Get an Unbiased Opinion on Genuineness of Attestation Paperwork

If you are still unsure about the originality of your Dubai attestation documents, there are a few services that can be used to help. One of the most reliable services is provided by , Amazon attestation services which provides an unbiased professional opinion on the authenticity of your Dubai attestation paperwork. This can be done quickly and easily online to give you peace of mind.

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