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Marriage And Birth Certificate Attestation In UAE. Call Now

A Marriage And Birth Certificate Attestation In UAE

Attestation services for educational certificates, personal documents, and business documents are provided by MOFA Attestation. We are here to assist you with any MOFA certification, legalization, or translation service. MOFAUAE also provides modern quality authentication, apostille, UAE embassy legalization, MOFA attestation service for certificates in UAE.

We offer a highly secure authentication service in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, RAK. We have the free pick up and delivery to your door. Mofa provides certificates for UAE from Lebanon, India, UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, and many more countries. Our global range of attestation services such as:

  • Marriage and birth Certificate attestation in UAE,

  • Power of Attorney attestation in UAE,

  • Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • Company Documents attestation in UAE,

  • Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • Diploma Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • NOC Certificate attestation in UAE,

  • Divorce Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • Transfer Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • Medical Certificate attestation in UAE,

  • Police Clearance certificate in UAE,

  • Graduation Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • Memorandum of Association attestation in UAE,

  • Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • Professional Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • School Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • University Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • Articles of Association attestation in UAE,

  • Death Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • Agency Agreements attestation in UAE,

  • Experience Certificate Attestation in UAE,

  • Board Resolution attestation in UAE,

  • Good Conduct Certificate in UAE,

MOFA Certificate Attestation The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and International Cooperation act like a bridge between the rulers and you. As a result, the people of the United Arab Emirates on the one hand and the whole world on the other can authenticate the documents. However, the department has several responsibilities like overseeing all embassies, representing the UAE to the conclusion of bilateral agreements and arrangements with other countries. Additionally, the department also deals with the verification and certification of documents issued outside the UAE as well as documents issued inside by the UAE to be used abroad.

The Department of Consular Services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of UAE(MOFAIC) provides authentication services for all kinds of documents. For instance, business documents / educational certificates, etc. to approve the validity of stamps and signatures on documents issued within as well as outside the United Arab Emirates.

Attestation document service UAE

by MOFAIn the case of the UAE, there is no embassy in the concerned country, the documents must be approved by the embassy of the country concerned in the UAE. On the one hand, if the country concerned does not have an embassy in the UAE, these documents must be notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country recognized by the UAE. To get the certificate, you can either just go to the Department yourself or entrust the work to us. We will complete the certificate for you for a symbolic price. Call us at 043300011 to get our service.

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