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Resolving Dubai Rental Disputes with: RDC Online services

Navigating rental disputes between landlords and tenants can be a challenging process, often requiring legal expertise and intervention. At Amazon Attestation, we've partnered with top lawyers in Dubai to offer comprehensive consultation services tailored to address tenant-landlord issues effectively. Our expert attorneys specialize in resolving disputes related to eviction notices, rent increases, and more, ensuring fair rental solutions for all parties involved.

Understanding the Dubai Rental Disputes Center (RDC)

The Dubai Rental Disputes Center (RDC) is a government entity under the Dubai Land Department tasked with handling and resolving rental and tenancy disputes in Dubai. As part of its mandate, the RDC facilitates mediation and dispute resolution between landlords and tenants, promoting fairness and transparency in the rental market.

Understanding the Dubai Rental Disputes Center (RDC)
Understanding the Dubai Rental Disputes Center (RDC)

Key Functions of the RDC Include:

  1. Mediation and Dispute Resolution: The RDC serves as a platform for landlords and tenants to resolve disputes amicably through mediation, aiming to reach mutually acceptable solutions and avoid prolonged legal proceedings.

  2. Issuing Rental Decisions: In cases where mediation is unsuccessful, the RDC has the authority to issue binding rental decisions, addressing issues such as rent increases, eviction, property maintenance, and breach of rental contracts.

  3. Maintaining Records: The RDC maintains comprehensive records of all rental disputes and decisions, ensuring transparency and accountability in the rental market.

  4. Education and Information: The RDC provides valuable information and guidance to landlords and tenants regarding their rights and obligations under Dubai rental laws and regulations, empowering them to make informed decisions.

  5. Online Services: To enhance accessibility and convenience, the RDC offers online services, allowing individuals to file disputes and track case statuses through its official website.

Our Typing Services for RDC Cases in Dubai

At Amazon Attestation, we offer a range of typing services to facilitate the RDC case application process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in documentation. Our services include:

  • Online case registration

  • Petition requests and cheque deposit applications

  • Execution of judgment typing

  • Preparation of power of attorney and legal notices

  • Statement of appeal typing

  • Typing of correspondences and other online requests

Visit Our Typing Offices

We have convenient typing offices located in key areas for your accessibility:

  • DIP Office: Dubai Investment Park, European Business Center Shop 26, Green Community Village, Dubai, UAE. Contact: +971 42528846, Hotline: +97143300011. Mob: +971545820984

  • Al Barsha Office: Kiosk 13-14, Al Attar Business Centre, Al Barsha 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

  • Ajman Office: Shop No. 02, 46 Kuwait Building, Al Nuaimia 2, Ajman, UAE.

Let Amazon Attestation be your trusted partner in navigating rental disputes with ease. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in resolving your rental-related issues.

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