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A Comprehensive Guide to MOFA Attestation in Dubai

Learn all about MOFA attestation in Dubai, including its importance, process, and requirements for various purposes like employment and education. Ensure your documents are legally recognized by following our comprehensive guide.

What is MOFA Attestation?

MOFA attestation, or Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation, validates document authenticity in the UAE or abroad by confirming seals and signatures. It ensures legal recognition for various purposes like visas, employment, and education, serving as a vital step in document legalization.

Why is MOFA Attestation Required?

MOFA attestation is crucial in Dubai for validating document authenticity for various purposes. It verifies genuine seals and signatures, preventing fraud and ensuring legal validity. This attestation is mandatory for resident visas, work permits, higher education, and legal/business transactions. It confirms document credibility, legality, and meets requirements.

Documents Required for MOFA Attestation in Dubai

When applying for MOFA attestation in Dubai, you need to provide specific documents like original document, applicant's passport copy, UAE residence visa copy (if applicable), and other specific copies depending on the type of attestation (e.g., trade license copy, school records copy, marriage certificate copy, birth certificate copy). The original document must be pre-authenticated by authorities in your home country. Make sure all copies are clear and legible. Contact relevant authorities for any additional required documents.

Process of MOFA Attestation in Dubai

The process of MOFA attestation in Dubai involves several steps to ensure the authenticity of documents. Here is a step-by-step guide to the process:

Step 1: Document Attestation from Home Country

Before starting the MOFA attestation process in Dubai, it is necessary to get the documents attested from the home country. This includes getting the documents authenticated by the relevant authorities and the UAE Embassy in the home country.

Step 2: Translation (if required)

If the documents are in a language other than Arabic, they need to be translated into Arabic by a certified translator. The translated documents should also be attested by the relevant authorities.

Step 3: Notarization

Once the documents are attested from the home country and translated (if required), they need to be notarized by a notary public in Dubai. This step ensures the validity of the documents.

Step 4: Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

After notarization, the documents are submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Dubai for attestation. MOFA verifies the authenticity of the signatures and seals on the documents. This step is crucial for the acceptance of the documents by UAE authorities.

Step 5: Final Attestation by the UAE Embassy

In some cases, after MOFA attestation, the documents may need to be further attested by the UAE Embassy in the home country. This step depends on the type of document and the requirements of the UAE authorities.

Step 6: Collection of Attested Documents

Once the documents have been attested by MOFA and the UAE Embassy (if required), they can be collected from the respective authorities. These attested documents are now valid and can be used for various purposes in Dubai and the UAE.

MOFA Attestation in Dubai in Person

If you prefer to handle the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation process in person, it's important to note that you cannot visit the MOFA office in Dubai directly. Instead, all applications for UAE MOFA attestation must be submitted online.

How to Apply for UAE MOFA Attestation Online

  1. Prepare Your Documents: Ensure that all documents requiring attestation are ready and meet the necessary requirements.

  2. Visit the MOFA Website: Access the MOFA attestation services on the official UAE government website.

  3. Create an Account: If you don't already have one, create an account on the MOFA website to start your application process.

  4. Submit Your Application: Fill out the required details and upload the necessary documents for attestation. Ensure all information is accurate to avoid delays.

  5. Pay the Fees: Complete the payment for the attestation service online. Fees may vary depending on the type and number of documents.

  6. Track Your Application: Once submitted, you can track the status of your application through the MOFA website.

  7. Receive Attested Documents: After processing, you will be notified to collect your attested documents or they may be sent to you via courier, depending on the chosen service.

Why Choose Online MOFA Attestation?

  • Convenience: Apply from the comfort of your home without the need to visit the office in person. Simply call Amazon Attestation services, and we will pick up your documents from your doorstep. Once the attestation by MOFA is complete, we will deliver your documents to you anywhere in the world.

  • Ease of Access: No need to navigate through traffic or wait in long queues at the MOFA office.

  • Time-Saving: Save valuable time by letting us handle the entire process for you.

  • Professional Handling: Our experienced team ensures that your documents are handled with the utmost care and accuracy.

  • Global Delivery: We provide worldwide delivery, so no matter where you are, you will receive your attested documents promptly.

For more detailed assistance and expert support in navigating the MOFA attestation process, contact Amazon Attestation services today at +97143300011 or email us at Our experienced team is here to help you ensure a smooth and hassle-free attestation experience.

MOFA Attestation Dubai Address

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation office in Dubai is located in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah

MOFA Attestation Dubai Express Service

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai offers an express attestation service for urgent requests, providing attestation within 1 to 3 working days for an additional fee of AED 150. To apply, visit the MOFA use the online portal, or visit Amazon attestation services to ensure all required documents are provided accurately. The attested documents will be delivered within the specified timeframe, making it a convenient option for quick and efficient attestation.

MOFA Attestation Dubai Online

MOFA Attestation in Dubai can be done online through the MoFAIC website or UAE MOFA smart application. Users create an account, upload original documents, and track the attestation status digitally. Online attestation saves time and effort by eliminating the need to visit the Ministry. However, some documents may require in-person verification. Verify document eligibility and follow specific requirements for a streamlined process.

Where Can I Do MOFA Attestation in Dubai?

Get your documents attested at MOFAIC customer happiness centers in Dubai and other UAE emirates. MOFAIC website or app, or Find the nearest Amazon Attestation services center for a smooth process, and submit your documents in person.

UAE MOFA Attestation in Dubai

MOFA attestation in Dubai is mandatory for document recognition by the UAE government and other authorities, including visas, jobs, education, marriage, and business. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) handles official document attestation, verifying document authenticity, seal, and signature. Online attestation is available via the MOFAIC website using UAE Pass, while offline attestation can be done at MOFAIC Customer Happiness Centers in Dubai. Fees are AED 153 for individual certificates and AED 2048 for commercial documents, with processing times ranging from 1 to 3 days for normal service and 1 day for express service. MOFA attestation is a prerequisite before submitting documents to other authorities or embassies for recognition in the UAE.

Mofa attestation in assistance

For more detailed assistance and expert support in navigating the MOFA attestation process, contact Amazon Attestation Services today at +971545820984 Our team is here to help you ensure a smooth and hassle-free Mofa attestation experience.

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