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Chinese Document Legalization and Translation in the UAE

Chinese Document Legalization in UAE

In the ever-evolving business landscape of the UAE, the collaboration between the Middle East and China is growing rapidly. To facilitate smooth cross-border operations, the accurate legalization and translation of Chinese documents are paramount.

Chinese Document Legalization and Translation in the UAE
Chinese Document Legalization and Translation in the UAE

Amazon Attestation Services - Your Gateway to Chinese Document Attestation:

We at Amazon Attestation Services offer an array of services to cater to all your attestation and translation needs:

Business Document Attestation:

  • Power of Attorney Attestation

  • Company Documents Attestation

  • NOC Certificate Attestation

  • Medical Certificate Attestation

  • Memorandum & Articles of Association Attestation

  • Agency Agreement & Board Resolution Attestation

Personal Document Attestation:

  • Birth, Marriage & Divorce Certificate Attestation

  • Police Clearance & Medical Certificate Attestation

  • Death & Experience Certificate Attestation

  • Good Conduct Certificate

Educational Document Attestation:

  • Degree & Diploma Certificate Attestation

  • Transfer & Graduation Certificate Attestation

  • Professional Certificate, Mark Sheet transcript

  • School & University Certificate Attestation

Chinese Translation Services in UAE:

Our Chinese translation services bridge the linguistic gap, making communications seamless between businesses and individuals from different linguistic backgrounds.

Why Choose Amazon for Chinese Translation?

  • Native Chinese Expertise: Our team is fluent in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, ensuring translations resonate with your intended audience.

  • Skilled Translators: Our professionals possess the linguistic proficiency and expertise needed for accurate translations across various sectors.

  • Diverse Services: We handle a wide range of translation needs, from legal to marketing materials.

  • Bi-directional Translation: We specialize in Chinese to English, Chinese to Arabic, and vice-versa translations.

  • Certified Translations: For official documents, we provide translations that are certified and legally recognized.

Reaching Your Chinese Audience:

Whether it's a business contract or a personal document, the importance of accurate translation and attestation cannot be overstated. Rely on Amazon Attestation Services for all your Chinese document needs in the UAE.

For more information and assistance, reach out to us at +971545820984 or email at

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