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Document Attestation Scams on Social Media and Online

Attestation Scams

As the need for document attestation grows, so do the opportunities for scammers to exploit unsuspecting individuals. It's essential to be aware of the various scams related to document attestation and know how to protect yourself. Here’s a detailed look at common scams and tips on safeguarding your personal information and documents.

Document Attestation Scams on Social Media and Online
Document Attestation Scams on Social Media and Online

Common Attestation Scams

a) Fake Attestation Agencies:Scammers may set up fake agencies claiming to provide attestation services. They often lure victims with attractive prices and promises of faster processing times. Once they have your documents and money, they disappear, leaving you without the necessary attestations.

b) Identity Theft:Fraudsters can steal personal information from unsuspecting individuals and use it to forge documents. They might apply for attestation services on your behalf, leading to serious legal consequences and potential misuse of your identity.

c) Misleading Websites:Scammers create websites that closely resemble official embassy or government sites to deceive people into providing sensitive information. These sites may request payments for non-existent attestation services, leading to financial loss and compromised personal data.

Warning Signs of Attestation Fraud

a) Unrealistically Low Prices:Be cautious of agencies offering attestation services at unbelievably low prices. Each activity has some minimal charges, so excessively cheap offers can be a red flag for scams or hidden costs.

b) Unsolicited Communication:If you receive unexpected emails, messages, or calls offering attestation services, do thorough research before engaging. Avoid sharing documents or making payments to unsolicited contacts.

c) Lack of Official Documentation:Genuine agencies provide proper receipts, official invoices, acknowledgements, and use agency bank accounts for payments. The absence of these documents and procedures is a significant red flag.

Verifying the Authenticity of Attestation Agencies

To ensure you're dealing with a legitimate attestation agency, verify the following:

  • Official Phone Number: Ensure they have a local landline number, not just a mobile number.

  • Office Address: Verify the physical office address and visit if possible.

  • Agency Bank Account: Payments should be made to the agency's bank account, not personal accounts.

  • Proper Receipts and Invoices: Ensure you receive official documentation for all services provided.

  • Official Email Address: Look for a professional email domain (not free email services).

  • Online Presence: Check their website for professional standards and cross-verify with reviews and testimonials.

Protecting Yourself from Attestation Scams

  • Do Not Deal with Personal Agencies: Avoid agencies that use personal bank accounts for payments or do not provide proper receipts and official invoices.

  • Verify Online Information: Before submitting your documents or making any payments, verify the agency's legitimacy through multiple sources.

  • Avoid Unsolicited Offers: Be cautious of unsolicited offers on social media or email. Do your research before engaging with any service provider.

  • Use Trusted Agencies: Preferably, use well-known and established attestation agencies with positive reviews and verifiable credentials.


Document attestation is a critical process, and falling victim to scams can have severe consequences. Always be vigilant, verify the authenticity of the agencies you deal with, and never rush into making payments or sharing sensitive information without proper verification. At Amazon Attestation Services, we prioritize your safety and ensure a transparent and secure process for all your attestation needs.

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Stay safe and ensure your documents are in trusted hands with Amazon Attestation Services.

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