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Updated: May 24

Are you looking for attestation of documents in Business Bay?

MOFAUAE offers a variety of legal services, including document legalization and authentication. Paper Attestation, Educational certificates, personal documents and commercial documents attestation services are provided by MOFA.

The United Arab Emirates has multiple free zones, the majority of which are located in Dubai. The high standard of life and outstanding infrastructure in the UAE Free Zone attracts investors to this future country. A foreign national can own 100% of a firm set up in a free zone in the United Arab Emirates.

Documents Attestation Business Bay

Commercial taxes, import and export charges, land tax, and property and building registration fees are all waived in UAE free zones. The UAE’s free zones provide a regulated and secure business environment in which a wide range of company activities can be licensed. They stimulate the economy, encourage foreign investment, and propel expansion.

 attestation of documents in Business Bay
Are you looking for attestation of documents in Business Bay?

Why attestation required for Educational Certificates in the United Arab Emirates?

Educational attestation is vital in the United Arab Emirates. Instructional authentications must bear witness in UAE. If you wish to convert your current job to other job, you must submit a MOFA in order to apply for a visa with the Ministry of Labor. Similarly, you must also submit a bore witness to instructional testament if you want to change your current job. The instructional proclamation is insufficient unless it has been approved by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Why attestation required for Personal Certificate Attestation in the United Arab Emirates?

In the United Arab Emirates, documents must bear testimony and should be legalized before using it for any official purpose. When sponsoring a life partner, applying for a home visa for children, or obtaining insurance, proof of marital authentication is required.

Why attestation required for Commercial Document Attestation in the United Arab Emirates?

We obtain business document attestation using the most efficient method for each document, saving you time and money on unnecessary legalization. Commercial/Business document attestation fees differ from standard document attestation fees because they are calculated based on the document’s value.

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