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Everything You Need To Know About Apostille Services in Dubai

Updated: May 27, 2023

Looking for reliable Apostille services in Dubai? Get comprehensive, professional advice on all the documents you need to process an Apostille with this resource! Looking for Apostille services in Dubai? With this resource, you can get professional advice and assistance with documents needed for processing an Apostille. Get comprehensive information about the process, from finding the correct form to submitting your application.

Apostille Services

An Apostille is a type of certification issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. It certifies that documents such as birth, marriage, and death certificates are true copies of their original versions. The Apostilled document can be used for various purposes within and outside the UAE, including adoption, commercial trading, foreign studies or employment, and more.

Who Needs an Apostille in Dubai?

Anyone requiring an authenticated copy of a certificate for use outside the UAE may need to process an Apostille. Generally, employers abroad require Apostilled documents to sponsor their workers’ residency permit or visa application. If a document needs to be used in another country, regardless if it is coming from within the UAE or from abroad, you will need an Apostille certification.

Documentation Required to Obtain Apostilles in Dubai

Before applying for an Apostille in the UAE, certain documents must be provided. These can vary depending on the service requested, but generally include the original document to be Apostilled, a proof of identity, and any other supporting documents that may be required specific to your situation. Additionally, if you are obtaining a power of attorney from Dubai Courts, you must have a sworn affidavit attested by the Embassy/Consulate of destination country as well.

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