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How Much Does Legal Translation Cost in Dubai?

Navigating through legal document translation in Dubai? Understanding the costs involved can help you budget accordingly. Here’s a detailed guide on the pricing for legal translation services from English to Arabic and vice versa, along with information on general and international language translation costs in Dubai.

 Legal Translation in Dubai
Legal Translation Cost in Dubai

Legal Translation Costs in Dubai

English to Arabic Legal Translation

For legal documents that need translation from English to Arabic, the cost in Dubai is typically AED 49 + VAT for every 100 to 250 words per page. This service ensures accuracy crucial for legal documentation and proceedings.

Arabic to English Legal Translation

Translating legal documents from Arabic to English costs slightly higher at AED 52 + VAT for every 100 to 250 words per page. This reflects the expertise required to maintain the integrity of the document’s legal language.

Standard Translation Services

Aside from legal translations, standard translation services for less complex documents between English and Arabic are available at AED 40 + VAT for every 100 to 250 words per page. These services are ideal for non-legal content that requires quick turnaround and accuracy.

International Language Translation Costs

For those requiring translation services for other international languages, the costs can vary significantly. Prices range from AED 100 to AED 250 per page, depending on the complexity, volume, and urgency of the project. Dubai's multicultural landscape demands a vast range of language services, accommodating a variety of business and personal needs.

Affordable and Fast Translation Services in Dubai

At Amazon Attestation Office, we pride ourselves on providing swift and cost-effective translation services across a broad spectrum of languages. Whether you need a quick translation for business contracts, personal documents, or any legal papers, our team is equipped to handle your requirements efficiently.

Why Choose Our Services?

Choosing the right translation service is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and legality of your translated documents. Here’s why our clients trust us:

  • Competitive pricing with transparent costs

  • Rapid turnaround times to meet urgent deadlines

  • Comprehensive service covering all major languages spoken in Dubai

  • Certified translations accepted by governmental and non-governmental bodies

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Need a reliable translation service in Dubai? Don’t wait! Contact us now at +97143300011, email, or WhatsApp at +971545820984 for professional and quick translation services at the Amazon Attestation Office.

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