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Indian Family Residence Visa for UAE: A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Feb 17

Indian Family Visa in UAE

For Indian expatriates living in the UAE, sponsoring a family residence visa is a crucial step towards reuniting with their loved ones. This process, although straightforward, requires a clear understanding of the steps involved, the documentation required, and adherence to UAE’s immigration policies.

Indian Family Residence Visa for UAE:
Indian Family Residence Visa for UAE

Understanding the Family Residence Visa

A family residence visa allows Indian expatriates to bring their immediate family members - namely their spouses and children - to live with them in the UAE. The visa is typically tied to the employment visa of the sponsor (the expatriate).

Eligibility Criteria for Sponsoring a Family Visa

  • The sponsor must have a valid UAE residency visa.

  • A minimum salary requirement (varies, but generally around AED 4,000 with accommodation or AED 3,000 without accommodation).

  • The sponsor must be employed in a professional occupation.

Required Documents:

  • Completed application form.

  • Sponsor’s original passport and visa.

  • Passport copies of family members.

  • Passport-size photographs of family members.

  • Sponsor’s salary certificate or employment contract.

  • Proof of UAE residence (tenancy contract).

  • Attested marriage certificate for sponsoring a spouse.

  • Attested birth certificates for sponsoring children.

  • Medical clearance certificate for family members aged 18 and above.

  • Proof of health insurance for family members.

The Family Visa Application Process

  1. Submission of Documents: The sponsor needs to submit the required documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in the respective emirate.

  2. Entry Permit: Once the application is approved, an entry permit will be issued, allowing the family to enter the UAE.

  3. Status Adjustment: Upon entry, the family’s status needs to be adjusted from entry permit holder to resident visa holder.

  4. Medical Tests and Emirates ID: Family members above 18 must undergo medical tests and apply for an Emirates ID.

  5. Visa Stamping: Finally, the residence visa is stamped on the passports of the family members.

Duration and Renewal

The duration of the family residence visa is typically linked to the sponsor’s employment visa, usually 2-3 years, and can be renewed.

Tips for a Smooth Application Process

  • Ensure all documents are attested and translated into Arabic where necessary.

  • Keep track of visa expiry dates to avoid penalties.

  • Be aware of the changing rules and salary requirements.


Securing a family residence visa in the UAE for Indian nationals involves a detailed process. By ensuring compliance with the eligibility criteria and preparing the necessary documentation, the process can be completed efficiently.

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