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License renewal at a low cost in Dubai and visa services

License Renewal Made Affordable: Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing

In Dubai, license renewal can often be a time-consuming and costly process. However, we're excited to introduce Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing, your one-stop solution for hassle-free and budget-friendly license renewal services. With virtual office options and tenancy contracts available, along with a range of additional services, we strive to make the renewal process as smooth as possible.

License renewal at a low cost in Dubai

At Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing, we understand the financial considerations involved in license renewal. That's why we offer license renewal services at a low cost, ensuring that you can continue your business operations without breaking the bank. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience. License renewal at a low cost in Dubai

Virtual Office and Tenancy Contract Options:

Whether you prefer a virtual office setup or require a physical space, we have you covered. With our virtual office services, you can maintain a professional image and enjoy the flexibility of working remotely. If you need a physical office space, we can assist you in obtaining a tenancy contract (Ejari) for both new licenses and renewals, meeting all legal requirements.

Additional Services:

At Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing, we go beyond license renewal to offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet your business needs. Our services include local sponsorship and PRO services at a low cost, ensuring smooth operations and compliance with local regulations. We also provide legal contract typing, attestation, and legal translation services, giving you peace of mind when dealing with important documents.

Visa Services:

Our team understands the complexities of visa processes, and we're here to simplify them for you. We offer a range of visa services, including family visas for wives, children, mothers, and fathers. If you're an employee or partner/investor, we can assist you in obtaining the prestigious Golden Visa for 5/10 years. Additionally, we provide employment, partner, investor, and family visa services, ensuring your visa requirements are met efficiently.

Business Setup PRO Services:

Setting up a business in Dubai can be a daunting task, but with our expert PRO services, the process becomes much simpler. Whether you're applying for a commercial license, professional license, or industrial license, our team is ready to provide the necessary support and guidance.

Contact Information:

To learn more about our services or to get in touch, please visit our website at You can also reach us by phone at +97143300011 or contact us via WhatsApp at +971545820984. Our dedicated team is available to assist you at any time.


Renewing your license in Dubai doesn't have to be a costly affair. With Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing, you can enjoy affordable license renewal services, virtual office options, and a range of additional services to meet all your business needs. Let us take care of the paperwork while you focus on growing your business. Contact us today to experience the convenience and cost-effectiveness of our services.

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