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Same-Day Document legalization and Translation in Dubai

The process of legalizing documents ensures they will be recognized as valid and authentic in foreign countries. Different countries have specific legalization procedures that must be followed for the documents to be accepted.

Document legalization

is the process of certifying documents for use internationally through diplomatic channels. This involves getting the documents certified by the relevant government bodies and consular offices.

Attestation is a type of document legalization process where the home country certifies the authenticity of documents like educational certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. This is usually done by the Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Education or Ministry of Health.

Apostille is a simplified certification for countries part of the Hague Convention. It ensures a document will be recognized as valid in other member countries. The Apostille certificate is attached to the document itself.

The main purpose of legalizing documents is to prove they are genuine and can be used for official purposes abroad. This prevents fraud and ensures the documents will be accepted by foreign governments, universities, employers etc. Properly authenticated documents make international processes smoother.

Document Authentication Process

Authenticating documents involves getting them certified as genuine by the appropriate authorities. This is done through a step-by-step process:

  1. Get the document notarized - Notarization certifies that the document is valid and the signature is authentic. A notary public must witness you signing the document and will stamp and sign it themselves.

  2. Obtain state level certification - After notarization, the next step is to get the document certified by the state it was executed in. This confirms the notary who witnessed the signature has legitimate credentials.

  3. Apostille certification - An apostille certifies the authenticity of the state level certification. This is issued by a designated government authority, and involves attaching a unique apostille certificate to the document.

  4. Certification from the embassy - The document then needs to be certified by the embassy of the country it will be used in. This confirms the apostille is valid and the document is certified to be used overseas.

  5. Translation - If needed, the document can then be translated by a certified translator into the language of the destination country. The translation also needs to be notarized and certified.

  6. Final authentication - As a final step, the destination country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs must authenticate all previous certifications on the document. This completes the chain of authentication.

Following this full process ensures the document will be accepted as genuine and valid for its intended purpose overseas. Proper authentication gives the document credibility and official status in the destination country.

Types of Documents

There are many types of personal and official documents that require legalization, certification or apostille services in the UAE. Some common documents include:

  • Birth certificates - Birth certificates need to be certified if they will be used for visa applications, family registrations, school admissions, or other official purposes in the UAE.

  • Marriage certificates - Marriage documents need to be authenticated if they will be used as proof of marriage for UAE visa applications or other legal procedures.

  • Death certificates - Death certificates require legalization if they need to be submitted to governmental bodies or financial institutions in the UAE.

  • Degree certificates and transcripts - Educational documents like university degrees and transcripts need to be certified if they will be used for employment or further education in the UAE.

  • Professional certificates - Certificates for qualifications like medical licenses, accountancy certificates, etc. need to be legalized to work in related fields in the UAE.

  • Criminal record certificates - Criminal background checks need to be authenticated if required for residency visa applications or employment in the UAE.

  • Power of attorney - Power of attorney documents need to be certified if they authorize someone to conduct legal or financial affairs in the UAE on someone else's behalf.

  • Court orders - Court orders related to divorce, child custody, name change need to be legalized before they can be enforced in the UAE.

  • Commercial/business documents - Business documents like articles of incorporation, invoices, free sale certificates, require legalization for trade purposes.

So in summary, any important personal, professional, legal, educational or commercial document that needs to be used officially in the UAE must go through the proper authentication process.

Countries and Consulates Served

When getting documents certified or legalized for use abroad, it's important to know which countries and consulates are supported. The document authentication process varies based on the destination country.

Our service handles document legalization for the following popular destinations:

United Arab Emirates

  • UAE Embassy

  • UAE Consulate

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE

United States

  • US Department of State

  • US Embassies

  • US Consulates


  • Global Affairs Canada

  • Canadian Embassies

  • Canadian Consulates

United Kingdom

  • UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

  • British Embassies

  • British Consulates

European Union

  • Embassies and consulates of EU member states


  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • Australian Embassies

  • Australian Consulates

We also provide document legalization services for many other countries not listed here. Our experienced agents are familiar with the specific authentication requirements for various nations worldwide. We'll advise you on the proper process for your destination and ensure your documents are certified correctly.

Timelines and Fees

The time it takes to get documents authenticated and legalized can vary greatly depending on several factors:

  • Type of document - Simple documents like birth certificates generally take less time than complex documents like university transcripts.

  • Number of documents - The more documents that need processing, the longer it will take.

  • Destination country - Some consulates work faster than others. Getting UAE attestation for use in Saudi Arabia tends to be quicker than attestation for use in the United States or UK.

  • Provider workload - During peak seasons, providers may have more documents to process leading to longer turnaround times.

  • Shipping time - Express shipping can shorten the overall process.

For non-urgent applications, the full authentication and legalization process usually takes 2-4 weeks on average. For urgent requests, many providers offer expedited services that can cut the time down to as little as 1 week.

The cost for document attestation varies based on:

  • Type of service - Basic legalization is cheaper than full-service attestation.

  • Number of documents - Providers usually offer discounts for bulk orders.

  • Destination country - Documents for some countries require more steps and have higher fees.

  • Shipping - Express shipping costs extra.

Typical fees range from $25-$100 USD per document for standard processing and normal shipping. Discounts may apply for large batches of documents. Additional fees are charged for rush services and express shipping.

Reputable providers are upfront about their fees and timelines. They can give accurate estimates tailored to each client's specific situation. It's a good idea to get quotes from multiple companies before deciding on a service provider.

Why Use a Service Provider?

Navigating the legalization process for documents on your own can be challenging and time-consumin... Dubai document legalization, urgent attestation for consulates, translation, MOFA. Call Amazon Attestation at +97143300011 for quick service.

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