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What Is Mofa Attestation? (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs) Now

What is Mofa Attestation ?

MOFA Attestation is the final verification of a certificate or document, that bears the stamp and seal of an authorized Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) attestation is a government happiness center in charge of legalizing the documents from the originating country,

What is the Process of MOFA attestation ?

UAE MOFA attestation, all the original documents must be pre-attested by the concerned government departments of the country which issued them, and then by the UAE Embassy situated in that particular country.

After the pre-attestation by the various government department, a legal verification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is done by imprinting the seal and signature by the designated officer or minister. Only then you will be able to use the document for applying for a family visa or for any other purposes.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation in the UAE is a final procedure of certification because the applicant obtains this certification from the MOFA ministry after reaching the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides this validation for every certificate attested outside UAE. If the officials of MOFA find that the document is fake, the applicant will be subjected to face legal consequences in the country. UAE is a strict, rule-abiding country punishment can be hard for faking and any other illegal activities.

Why is MOFA attestation needed in the UAE?

  • To acquire international business opportunities

  • To attain an employment visa in the UAE

  • To pursue higher studies

  • To pursue Family visa in the UAE

  • To acquire residence visas

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