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How to Get MOFA Attestation in Dubai: A Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating the process of document attestation, particularly for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Dubai, is a crucial step for various legal and administrative purposes. Whether it's for educational, personal, or commercial documents, MOFA attestation authenticates the legitimacy of these documents for use within the UAE. In this blog, we will explore the process of obtaining MOFA attestation in Dubai, ensuring that your documents are fully recognized and valid.

Understanding MOFA Attestation

MOFA attestation is the final step in the document legalization process in the UAE. It involves the official confirmation by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs that your documents are genuine and can be used legally within the country.

Why is MOFA Attestation Required?

MOFA attestation is necessary for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Employment visa applications

  • Study in UAE educational institutions

  • Business setup and trade activities

  • Legal matters and court procedures

The Process of Obtaining MOFA Attestation in Dubai

Step 1: Document Preparation

Ensure that your documents are first attested by the relevant authorities in the country of origin. For example, educational documents should be attested by the educational institution and the Ministry of Education.

Step 2: Embassy/Consulate Attestation

Before approaching MOFA, the documents must be attested by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in the country where the documents were issued.

Step 3: MOFA Attestation in Dubai

Once the above steps are completed, the documents can be submitted for MOFA attestation in Dubai. This can be done at any MOFA Customer Happiness Center across the city.

Step 4: Submission of Documents

Submit your documents along with a copy of your passport and a fee for the attestation service. The fee can vary depending on the type of document.

Step 5: Collection of Attested Documents

After the attestation process is completed, which typically takes a few days, you can collect your attested documents from MOFA.

How Can We Help?

At Amazon Attestation Services, we specialize in assisting with the MOFA attestation process in Dubai. Our services include:

  • Document Verification: Ensuring that your documents are properly prepared and attested before submission to MOFA.

  • Efficient Processing: We handle the submission of your documents to MOFA and keep track of the attestation process.

  • Expert Guidance: Our team provides expert advice and support throughout the attestation process.


MOFA attestation is a vital process for validating your documents in the UAE. Understanding and following the correct procedures is key to a smooth and successful attestation process. For expert assistance with MOFA attestation in Dubai, contact us at +971545820984. Let us help you ensure that your documents are fully authenticated and ready for use in Dubai.

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